Who We Are...

About Us:

Founded in 2013 based in Istanbul/Turkey, Primpex International is a trading company which offers products, services and engineering consulting for industrial purposes that operates in various segments including petrochemicals, chemicals, raw materials, supply of machinery and commercial services.

We are constantly working at being, “the innovators of great servicing experiences benefiting our clients worldwide.” Everyone at Primpex lives and breathes a circle of values that formed naturally as the people behind that began working ethically. At Primpex, customer remains the focal point in formulation of company strategies. This emphasis has led to constant innovation in the products and services that we provide which in turn have enhanced our performance.

Our team which is the backbone of the entire gambit of operations is focused on customer retention by providing second to none service to our clients whether big or small. Every member is well experienced and dedicated to the principals.

Our Vision...

... is to become the market leader role player in the market.

Our Mission...

... is by being open to the innovations and advancements and by using our resources in an efficient and effective manner with being environmental and human conscious, to provide quality, economic products, which exceed the expectations of the clients, within the scope of the international standards.

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