DEG (DiEthylene Glycol)

Purity: Min 99.8 %

Water Content : Max 0.05 %

Packing: 220lit Steel drum, IBC tank, bulk

DIETHYLENEGLYCOL obtained from the reaction of ethylene oxide and MEG. It is a clear, transparent and odorless liquid that can be mixed with water in any proportion.

Application are as:

DIETHYLENEGLYCOL is used as synthesizing agent for alkyd resins as well as saturated and unsaturated polyester. DIETHYLENEGLYCOL is used in the synthesis of polyurethane resins, as a coalescence agent, anti-freezing agent in polymer and/or acrylic homopolymer emulsions, chain extender and agent in the dispersion and wetting of unsaturated polyester resins.

also it can be used in Wetting and plasticizing agents,Coolant additives,Cement additive,Brake fluids,MDF,Textile,Polyester,Antifrezeer.


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