MEG (MonoEthylene Glycol)

Purity: Min 99.8 %

Water Content : Max 0.08 %

Packing: 220lit  Steel drum, IBC tank, bulk

MONOETHYLENEGLYCOL obtained from the reaction of ethylene oxide and water. It is a clear, transparent and odorless liquid that can be mixed with water in any proportion.

 Application are as:

 Polyester fibers, threads, films and polyester resins are produced from the reaction between MONOETHYLENEGLYCOL with dibasic acids and their esters, such as terephtalic, oxalic, succinic, glutamic and adipic acids among others.

Mono Ethyleneglycols can also be used in Resins, Wetting and plasticizing agents, Coolant additives, formulation of printing ink, in the treatment of gases, in the formulation of fire-resistant hydraulic fluids, in the formulation of cutting oils, in the formulation of surface polishers, in the formulations of agrochemicals, in the extraction of solvents, in the manufacture of pigmented pastes and putty for walls, and in the synthesis of explosives.

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